Multi-Generational Home Renovation

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Project Description

This first phase of this two-part project involved converting a screened porch into a conditioned sunroom and adding a deck to the structure.  Completing the sunroom portion of this project as the first phase was important because this space will serve as much needed living space during the second phase’s kitchen expansion. The unique aspect of this project is that this is a multi-generational home, which is essentially two living spaces for three generations of family under one roof. Our company was hired to increase and improve the living area for the eldest generation and make their space more livable. This sunroom acts as a great shared space for all generations to access and enjoy without inconveniencing the other. This project was completed in six quick weeks!

This second phase of this project consisted of a kitchen expansion for the secondary living space, as well as painting throughout the space. Increasing the footprint of the kitchen required the utilization of space from the garage and incorporating it into the new kitchen for additional cabinet space and a breakfast nook. This project was completed in 5-6 weeks and took place during hurricane Florence.