Early 1900’s Downtown Durham Home Restoration

Our Portfolio

Project Description

Prince & Sons’ Construction and Cabinetry has had a very busy and exciting first half of 2019. One of the most impactful projects we were able to complete was one that also gave a property on the Historic downtown Durham Street, Glendale Ave., a facelift. Working from November 2018 to May 2019, we deconstructed over half of an early 1900’s home and reconstructed it with modern finishes and amenities. While the building maintained its original footprint and general exterior aesthetic, the improvements within the house far exceeded any resemblance of the original home.

The Journey

Our client’s original vision was a daunting one considering the existing condition of the home, but it was a vision that we were determined to bring to life. As demo began and the layers were peeled back, we quickly came to realize that the structure of the house was in worse shape than we originally anticipated. The floor system was over-spanned, the foundation was not adequate, and previous “remodels” were not properly constructed. Considering these variables, we decided that the condition was beyond repairable and the most efficient and cost-effective way to proceed was to demo the front half of the house and start over from scratch. In doing so, we were able to make our client’s vision attainable.


A successfully executed project can be measured in different ways, whether it’s a beautiful finished product, a speedy timeline, or coming in under budget. In this case, success was evident when there was no obvious evidence of the sheer overhaul of this property. While this house was beautiful upon completion with V-Groove ceilings, consistent flooring throughout, a redesigned master suite with walk in closet and tile shower, Granite tops and stained glass windows, an unaware person would not know that the house was nearly reconstructed, which is why we think this project was a success.