Whole Home Remodel of Family Home

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Project Description

One of the best parts of being in the remodeling business is getting the opportunity to work with people in all stages of life. Whether it’s a young couple fixing up their starter home or empty nesters downsizing and upgrading to a different home, we get to do it all. In this instance, we had the pleasure of upgrading our clients’ home that they had lived in for many years as they sought to update and prepare for their retirement years. This couple had a very good idea of what they wanted to have done and made beautiful selections that resulted in a stunning finished product.

Unique Characteristics of Project

This project consisted of upgrading almost every part of the home. Starting with the bones of the house, we made repairs to some rotted flooring and floor joists while also completely replacing the electrical panel and relocating it to the exterior of the house to make room for a laundry room extension. We also replaced the existing 50 gallon water heater with a tankless, on demand system. In addition to the utility work that was done, we also removed a wall between the kitchen and dining room, and removing some closets to increase the size of a bedroom. Other work included a complete kitchen remodel, and remodel of the guest and main bathrooms. We installed hardwoods in some rooms and refinished the floors in the entire house. We upgraded all closet systems, added various lighting to include recessed lighting, ceiling fans, LED light bars in the closets and beautiful accent lighting at the mantle and hallway. In addition to all of this work, the clients also updated all of the windows and interior doors(and hardware)  while putting a fresh coat of paint on everything. Needless to say this did not look like the same house when we were done and the homeowners were thrilled when it was time to give the house back!