No matter what room you happen to be enjoying in your household, cabinetry is always something that catches the eye. Whether it’s in the kitchen or on the walls of your study, tasteful cabinetry can bring a room to life and provide additional functional space. At Prince & Sons, Inc., we feel that cabinetry is a main focal point in any design. We understand that cabinet selection, especially in places like the bathroom or kitchen, is one of the most important decisions within a renovation. As a local cabinet dealer in Durham, NC, we offer a variety of cabinet styles, high quality construction, a flair of customization, and much needed attention to detail. Whether you are looking to buy cabinets to install on your own or if you’d prefer to have a complete turn-key service, Prince & Sons, Inc., can do it all and everything in between.

Choosing Your Cabinets

Prince & Sons, Inc., is a local company that has been serving Durham, NC for over 20 years. Located in the heart of the Bull City, we pride ourselves in finding you cabinets that completely match what you are looking for. We are a full service “Bishop Cabinets” dealer, a cabinet company that has been in service for over 45 years. We also offer “Plain & Fancy” cabinets, another option for you to choose from. All of the cabinets we offer are made with high quality construction and allow for personalization as needed. Our professionals will go over all of your wants and needs within a cabinet: door styles, finishes, box construction, drawer types, etc. whatever your style or design may be, we can help you choose cabinets that are perfect for you and your space.

Budgeting for Cabinetry

At Prince & Sons, Inc., we have worked with all price ranges for all different types of clients. Whatever your budget may be, we will sit down with you and provide you with options. We want everyone to have the quality cabinets that make them feel at home. Whether you are looking for basic cabinetry or more of a luxurious feel, our team of professionals can help to get you there. We offer turn-key services that include everything from design and procurement to installation. We can also sell cabinets to you if you prefer to install them yourselves.

To learn more about our cabinetry options, give our team at Prince & Sons, Inc., a call today at (919) 383-0888 or email