Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations


The kitchen has always been known as the heart of the home. It’s where you cook, where your children do homework and where your guests gather to socialize. At Prince & Sons, Inc., we feel that there is nothing like having our clients walk into their dream kitchen for the first time after their kitchen renovation is complete. We want to give you the kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of but never thought would happen! As a leading home renovation company in the Durham, NC area, we are ready to take on our next kitchen renovation!

Dedicated Team of Licensed General Contractors

Once you decide that it is time to renovate your kitchen, the next step is figuring out who should do the work. When it comes to experience, Prince & Sons, Inc., has been serving Durham, NC and the surrounding Triangle since 1995. We are a NC & SC licensed and insured general contracting company. This will give you the peace of mind that your kitchen remodel will be done correctly, the first time around. Our family owned and operated company has the education and experience needed to provide the best kitchen renovation experience. Additionally, developing a personal relationship with our clients during a kitchen renovation project is very important to our company. We want you to feel that your needs are met from the initial consultation, during construction, and until the kitchen renovation is complete. 

Timely Kitchen Renovations

With every kitchen renovation that we manage, our team at Prince & Sons, Inc., is committed to scheduling the project so that you as the homeowner are minimally impacted for the shortest amount of time possible. We are upfront and open about the amount of time we expect the kitchen renovation to take and will let you know what to expect on a daily basis. One of the benefits of working with our company on a kitchen renovation is that we are cabinet dealers, which means less people to coordinate with and cost savings to the homeowner. Let us know the style you prefer and we’ll make you aware of the cabinet options we have that may fit your needs. With any part of the kitchen renovation, we have a longstanding relationship with many different suppliers in the Triangle that not only provide us the materials you want in a timely manner, but can also provide them at a competitive price.

Whatever style you may choose for your kitchen renovation, the professionals at Prince & Sons, Inc., can provide you with our design insight. Finding areas that may be underutilized and introducing ways to make your kitchen more functional are some extras that a partnership with our team provides. For more information about kitchen renovations in Durham, NC, give us a call today at (919) 383-0888 or email