Mocha Maple Kitchen Makeover

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Project Description

Executed in four weeks and one day, this kitchen remodel was designed to utilize as much of the kitchen as possible without cramping the room too much. Our clients’ most desired feature was an island. Not knowing whether they had enough room to install one, we worked together to design an island that wouldn’t prevent the flow through the space. Before we started the project, we laid out the island in their existing kitchen so they could envision the footprint before finalizing the design. Once the perfect size was determined, we decided that the best way to promote flow through the space was to round the corners of the overhang a bit more than we normally would to ease the angles of what would be the busiest path in the room.

Unique Characteristics of Project

As these clients did, it seems that more and more homeowners are abandoning the idea of the traditional kitchen table and instead using islands for daily use, allowing homeowners to maximize cabinet and countertop space. This is still a unique idea, but as homes in the area become harder to acquire, this may be the only way to gain extra storage in the space you already have without having to do a major renovation or addition.