Why DIY Home Renovations Are Often a Bad Idea

If you’re thinking about executing a DIY home renovation, we thought it would be a good idea to layout a few things to consider before starting. While you may be an experienced contractor yourself with plenty of experience, chances are you’re going to be “learning as you go,” which while admirable, could end up being quite problematic.

At Prince & Sons, we’ve often been brought in to right the wrongs of an abandoned DIY home renovation and have put together a list of benefits to hiring a general contractor as opposed to attempting to do the project yourself.

Why it Often Pays to Hire a General Contractor Instead of Attempting a DIY Home Renovation

Below are just a few of the reasons why we think it’s beneficial to hire a local general contractor as opposed to attempting to complete a home renovation on your own.

  • Hyper competitive real estate market – As you likely know, the real estate market in the Triangle is extremely hot right now. Houses are literally flying off the market, and many times buyers are picky about what they’re looking for if they are going to pay a premium price. If you have completed a DIY home renovation, a few things may end up looking unprofessional, which could be enough to turn off potential buyers from forking out that extra cash that sellers are hoping for.
  • Finish the renovation project and move on – We’ve all heard stories of DIY home renovation projects that were supposed to take a few weeks, but have literally drawn on for years. When you hire a licensed general contractor, you’ll be provided with a timeline and the project will be completed in full. That way, you can enjoy your home (and the renovation process) without the worry of countless unfinished tasks hanging over your head.
  • Correct order of completion – If you don’t have experience in construction, chances are you don’t know the exact order in which tasks need to be completed. If you’re not careful, you could end up with the carriage before the horse resulting in wasted efforts and money. Proper chronology prevents a project from having an unfinished look and obvious signs of inexperienced planning and labor.
  • Project is completed to code – When you work with a general contractor like Prince & Sons, your job will be completed to code with all of the necessary permits being pulled to ensure you won’t run into any issues down the road. If you complete a project yourself without pulling permits, you could be in for major problems if and when you go to sell your home.
  • Get exactly what you want – If you’re performing a DIY home renovation, you’re likely going to sacrifice certain aspects of the project because they’re overly complicated and out of your comfort zone. In contrast, if you hire a reputable contractor to complete your home renovation, you can map out exactly what you want, without worrying whether you have the necessary skills to complete the job.

Put Down the Hammer and Call Prince & Sons Today

If you’re thinking about completing a DIY home renovation, before you start tearing down walls and cabinetry, give the experienced general contractors at Prince & Sons a call today. We’ll help you design and build the home renovation of your dreams, without you having to deal with the often frustrating aspects of a DIY home renovation project. Give us a call today at 919-383-0888 or send us an email using our online contact form to setup a time to speak with one of our project managers.

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