Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen Updates That are Both Stylish and Functional

At Prince & Sons, we focus our business model around the renovation of kitchens more than any other area of the home. This is for a variety of different reasons, but primarily because it is the focal point of the home and there are countless ways to integrate function with … Read More


Better Visualize a Kitchen or Bath Remodel With CAD Drawings

If you’re thinking of investing in a kitchen renovation or bath remodel you will soon realize that there are quite a few selections and design decisions to be made. One thing that many homeowners have trouble with is visualizing what the final product will look like. General contractors often forget … Read More


Ways to Be More Efficient With Your Money When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you’ve decided to hire a general contractor for a kitchen renovation, you will quickly discover that you’ll have quite a few decisions to make over the next few months. The most critical decision when remodeling your kitchen, is determining your budget. It’s important that you and the general contractor … Read More


Questions to Ask Before Planning Your New Kitchen Remodel

At Prince & Sons, we’ve completed a variety of kitchen renovations in and around the Triangle area over the past several years. During this time we’ve compiled a list of common questions that we’re often asked prior to starting a kitchen remodel. We thought it would be a good idea … Read More


5 Clever Renovation Ideas to Update Your Small Kitchen

Do you love your home, but occasionally become frustrated due to the cramped size of your kitchen? If so, fear not, at Prince & Sons, we have quite a bit of experience with small kitchen remodels and have come up with a variety of ways to add additional functionality, so … Read More

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