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Why it’s So Important to Hire an Experienced General Contractor

On our blog we often try to emphasize the importance of hiring an experienced general contractor, not because we want you to hire our company necessarily, but because it is very easy for homeowners to be taken advantage of and we hate seeing good people in bad situations. Over the … Read More


Learn How Prince & Sons Uses CAD Design to Improve Communication on Home Remodeling Projects

If you were to ask anyone at Prince & Sons Inc., what the most challenging facet of operating a construction company was, you would get the same answer time and time again, communication. Whether it be a language barrier, getting a design idea across to a colleague or client, or … Read More


Weighing the Options of Remodeling Your Existing Home or Selling

Do you feel like you’re outgrowing your current home and should consider remodeling or selling? If so, the general contractors at Prince & Sons, in Durham, have put together a guide to help you make this difficult decision. Should I Remodel my Home or Sell? Demand for homes exceeds market The real estate market … Read More


Small Home Remodeling Projects to Make Your Home More Elegant

When it comes to home renovation projects, sometimes less is more. While large projects can greatly impact the style of a home, small home remodeling projects can be a manageable way to update the elegance of your home without breaking the bank. In this blog, the general contractors at Prince & … Read More


Durham Home Renovation: Convert Your Garage into Living Space

If you’re looking for additional living space, a Durham home renovation project that converts your garage into additional living space may be just what you need. When converting a room that was previously used to store cars and tools, you must keep certain things in mind. Durham Home Renovation Tips for … Read More

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