Posts from September, 2015


Proper Deck Maintenance And Safety Tips

A deck that is properly maintained can offer years of enjoyment for your family as well as your friends. Besides your own enjoyment, a well-maintained deck is a great selling point when putting your house on the market. Buyers will be able to visualize themselves enjoying a glass of sweet tea … Read More


Inexpensive & Easy Ways to Update the Interior of Your Home

Updating the appearance of your home doesn’t always have to require emptying your wallet. In this blog, Prince & Sons has put together a list of inexpensive ways to update the interior of a home. While you can complete many of these inexpensive home improvements by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in more … Read More


5 Exterior Maintenance Tips That You Don’t Want to Miss

At Prince & Sons, Inc. we’re constantly encountering issues that could have been avoided with a bit of preventative maintenance. Many homes in the Triangle area have been affected as a result of maintenance tasks being overlooked or postponed. In this blog we’ll showcase a few exterior maintenance tips that we, as local general … Read More