Where to Start With a Bathroom Renovation

If you’ve decided to complete a bathroom renovation, you likely will become overwhelmed with the many seemingly small, yet major decisions that you have to make throughout the project. At Prince & Sons, one of our primary jobs is to ease the stress most homeowners feel when they’re completing a bathroom renovation, or a renovation of any kind. 

To help ease your stress, we’ve put together a few tips before you decide to hire someone to complete your bathroom renovation. As always, if you have any questions about these topics feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Tips When Beginning a Bathroom Renovation

  • Finding a reliable and reputable general contractor – Whether you hire our company or someone else, we hope that you’ll put significant effort into hiring a reputable and experienced bathroom remodeling company. Too often homeowners forgo hiring a licensed general contractor and end up with more problems than they started with. The best advice we can give is to get building permits, that way you have a third party inspector that will ensure the work is being completed to code. 
  • Look online for ideasThe internet is full of pictures and ideas for bathroom renovations. Scour Pinterest, Houzz and other online sites to find ideas for your next remodel. Remember, these lavish bathrooms you see online cost real money and some of the fixtures and finishes that you see may not be in your budget. Any design idea you like, bring it to your contractor’s attention at the beginning of the project, otherwise you could be stuck with significant change orders and charges to achieve the end result you’re hoping for. 
  • Be realistic about your budgetBefore you begin any type of home renovation it’s important to be realistic about what you can afford and what the best use of your funds may be. A quality general contractor will not only ask about your plans for your new bathroom, but also your larger plans about what you plan to do with your home in the future. It’s important to know if this is your “forever home” or if you plan to move in the next few years. Your answer to this question will help a contractor gauge what to recommend related to your bathroom remodel.

Ready to Learn More About How to Get Started With a Bathroom Renovation?

The first step in getting started with a bathroom renovation is to call a reputable general contractor. At Prince & Sons, we’d be glad to discuss your large-scale bathroom renovation needs as we have completed countless remodels in the Durham area. To learn more about our company, as well as the bathroom renovation process as a whole, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today at 919-383-0888. Please keep in mind, we only complete large bathroom projects as our our job minimum is 30k. 

You can also always fill out our online information form, which will give us vital information about your upcoming renovation project.

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