Tips for Accessible Home Remodeling in Durham

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As the real estate market continues to simmer, homeowners in Durham and throughout the Triangle are in a unique situation. They once thought they might move as they got older to possibly downsize or buy a more accessibility-friendly home for older individuals, but the current real estate market has poked holes in this dream. For those looking at aging-in-place options, you may be interested in accessible home remodeling. Adding accessibility options to your kitchen and home can allow you to stay in the home you love but still feel safe while aging in place.

Common Durham Home Remodeling Aging in Place Upgrades

Below are just a few of the home renovation upgrades that can help make your home more accessible and allow you to age in place instead of moving.

  • Widening doorways
  • Changing out appliances to be more accessible such as a french-door style fridge with a bottom freezer
  • Replacing faucets to allow for more effortless operation
  • Relocating the microwave to a more accessible location
  • Changing the height of counters in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Reconfiguring cabinets and shelves to offer more accessible access to items
  • Adding glass front kitchen cabinets for better visibility
  • Adding additional floor space around the kitchen for more effortless mobility
  • Changing out the cabinet knobs to pulls to allow for easier opening and closing of kitchen cabinets
  • Adding a wheelchair ramp

Benefits of Aging in Place with an Accessible Home Remodel

There are countless reasons why you may choose to age in place as opposed to moving to a new home or senior living facility, a few of which we’ll go into below:

  • Stay in your home – You’ve built a life in your home, and you likely have many fond memories that would be hard to leave. With aging-in-place home remodeling, you can still enjoy your home but also renovate it in a way that works for you now and as your mobility decreases.
  • Invest in your home – Many individuals in the Triangle have significant equity in their homes due to the rising real estate market and the number of years they’ve been in their homes. Why not leverage some of the equity to create a home that fits your current life stage?
  • Retain your independence – When you move into a senior living facility, you tend to give up some of your freedom. Thanks to an aging-in-place home renovation, you can modify your home to work for your current life stage but still retain as much of your independence as possible.

Reach Out to Prince & Sons to Learn More About Aging in Place With an Accessible Home Renovation

If you or a family member is interested in an aging-in-place home renovation feel free to reach out to the Prince & Sons team today. We can discuss your needs and help you determine whether a home renovation works for you based on your current stage in life. Feel free to fill out our online intake form to provide some basic information about your home renovation needs or give us a call at 919-383-0888 to talk with one of our team members directly. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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