The Prince & Sons Way – Why We Focus on Excellence in Every Job We Complete

At Prince & Sons, we’re constantly reminded of what an honor it is to serve our clients. Not only do we get to help our clients achieve their dreams of having a beautiful place to call home, we also get to do it while working alongside our own family. This commitment has translated into a true focus on excellence in every job we complete because our name really is on everything we do!. 

What Separates Prince & Sons From Other Local General Contractors

Below are just a few of the ways that our company attempts to go above and beyond to meet the needs of our clients.

Ability to Offer a True Turn Key Operation

At Prince & Sons, we want each of our clients to understand that we’re willing to be as involved in the initial design and selection process as possible. We are dealers for a number of kitchen cabinetry lines and also have the hands-on experience that provides invaluable insight when designing kitchens. We’re happy to work with your own architect and/or designer or should you have a firm understanding of the design you’d like, we’re happy to offer our own in-house drawing services.

Varied Industry Experience

Because we’ve been in the construction industry for so long, we have decades of experience that we’re able to bring to the table. We’ve worked on all sorts of projects from large residential renovations to commercial upfits of medical facilities.We have even executed projects that required complex logistical coordination in some of the most remote places in our state. All of our team members have spent years in the field and have more hands on experience than your average project manager, which helps us to identify and solve challenges. We can often identify problem areas in the preliminary phase of a project. Arming homeowners with the knowledge that a problem could occur before getting deep into a project’s budget can be extremely reassuring. This way homeowners will have ample time to think through options that will work best for their budget without compromising the end result. 

Family Owned and Operated

As we’ve touched on above, Prince & Sons is a family owned company with multiple generations who are involved in every facet of each home renovation project. Each of our family members has the experience to jump in and execute on the physical side of a project as well as the management experience to ensure the job is progressing on schedule and on budget. All of our team members are both collegiately and field educated, making our team well-rounded and capable of taking on any residential construction project. 

Ready to Partner with Prince & Sons on a Home Renovation Project?

If you’re ready to start a home renovation project, feel free to reach out to the Prince & Sons team today. We can be reached by phone at 919-383-0888 or you can fill out our online form which will help to gather some of the key information we need to start to formulate a plan to turn your home renovation dreams into a reality. Our family is looking forward to working together to bring your ideas of a versatile home renovation to fruition.

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