Southpoint Durham Home Renovation From Closing to Finish Line

We recently worked with some amazing homeowners who knew from the minute they closed on their new dream home that they wanted to embark on a large scale home renovation. This was a unique experience because our team at Prince & Sons was involved from the very beginning. This helped us to anticipate certain challenges and face them head on before they became real issues down the road. 

Working in a situation like this was beneficial both for the contractor, as well as the homeowners. We understood our client’s budget and used that knowledge to come up with a home renovation project that offered the best bang for their buck!

Whole Home Renovation in Fast Growing Area Near Southpoint

The southern area of Durham, especially near Southpoint Mall is growing by leaps and bounds. Homes are selling in hours and homeowners are investing in their homes knowing that they’ll be able to see a return on their investment when it comes time to sell. 

This renovation was a special one as it allowed us to touch almost every area of this wonderful home. Below are some of the renovations we completed:

  • Kitchen Renovation With An Open Concept Living Area
  • Master Bathroom Renovation
  • Additional Bathroom Renovation
  • Updated Home Office
  • Flooring and other updates to modernize this home

Check out a gallery we’ve included below which shows some of the digital renderings for this home renovation project as well as some of the before shots that should help to showcase the intricacies of these renovations:

Is Natural Wood Making a Comeback?

Over the past few years we’ve done quite a number of kitchen renovations where we used white or painted cabinets. These homeowners opted to go with white cabinets, as well as a natural wood island and we thought the finished product turned out amazingly well! Working with the homeowners, we decided on Jim Bishop Cabinets, which offer a high quality product at a price that’s in the middle of the pack in terms of custom cabinets.

Here is a gallery showcasing some of the “after” shots of this renovation project. We’re extremely proud of the finished product as are the homeowners. Reach out to our team if you’re interested in a similar style renovation project.

Challenges of This Unique Home Renovation Project

There are always challenges with any renovation project, which is one of the key reasons working with a reputable general contractor can be so beneficial. This renovation project had a number of challenges that we were able to overcome, a few of which included:

  • Supply Chain Issues – This renovation like many as of late experienced a number of supply chain shortages. For example, the kitchen countertops were delayed for quite some time, which makes it difficult to call a job 100% complete.
  • Plumbing Issues – We ended up electing to replumb the entire home with Pex to prevent plumbing issues in the future.
  • Open Concept – These homeowners wanted to have an open concept which required a large structural beam that was quite a chore to design and install. This beam spanned 24” x 20 feet.

Interested in a Large Scale Home Renovation

We hope you enjoyed taking a peak at this recent large scale home renovation. If you’re interested in embarking on a similar project, feel free to reach out to our team today. The best way to get the ball rolling is to fill out our online intake form to give us an idea of the scope of your project. If you’d prefer, you can also reach us by phone at 919-383-0888. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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