Project Spotlight – Living Room Transformation

At Prince & Sons we’re excited to start showcasing some of the unique projects we get to work on each and every day. While our clients obviously get to enjoy the “fruits” of our labor, we thought it would be nice for former clients and potential new clients to see a bit more of the process of how we do home renovations. We hope this will help clients and potential clients understand the complexities that often arise and the value in hiring a reputable and experienced general contractor.

What Made This Home Renovation Project So Unique?

Our clients came to us wanting to open up their living room. While this may sound pretty straightforward, it involved quite a bit of work. We ended up raising the ceilings from 8’ to 12’, and along with the framing alterations, we also created decorative faux beams which we feel truly draw attention to the vaulted ceiling and will become a statement piece in our client’s home for years to come.

Check out some of the pictures from this project in the gallery below:

Not only was it difficult to make the necessary framing adjustments to account for the vaulted ceilings, but we also had to spend quite a bit of time thinking through lighting and proper placement of the faux beams so that everything would look symmetrical. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, but we are extremely excited about the finished product.

Why Hiring a Reputable General Contractor is So Critical in These Types of Projects

When larger renovation projects require a permit there is a certain amount of oversight that is required due to city laws and regulations, but there is still quite a bit of expertise that is needed to pull off complex renovations where structural changes are required. We obviously worked with a structural engineer on this project to ensure the new vaulted ceiling would be properly supported, but  we also had to use our experience in properly laying out the faux beams and ensuring that all of the electrical work was done so that the finished project would be truly breathtaking. This is where a high quality general contractor really shines because they’re able to not only move the project along throughout the different phases, but also to work closely with the necessary subcontractors to ensure nothing is missed along the way. We have in-house design staff that helps us to better visualize these complex projects before we even begin demolition. This helps us as well as our clients to better see issues that may arise prior to construction.

If you’re interested in seeing an interactive version of the final renovation, check out our interactive video below:

Our clients are incredibly happy with the finished product, as are we! If you’re interested in a complex home renovation project and you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to reach out to us through our online intake form, or give us a call at 919-383-0888. We look forward to rising to the challenge and helping you bring your ideas to life!

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