Project Spotlight – Extravagant Kitchen Renovation Part 2

We’re excited to share some final photos from a recent, large kitchen renovation project that is almost complete. While there are a few final items we have to finish like installing appliances and installing a part of the range hood, we’re virtually finished with this project, so we thought it would be a good time to give our audience an update.

Supply Constraints Continue to Pose Problems

This project continued to show that supply constraints are still causing problems for homeowners and general contractors alike. We’re still waiting for appliances and a piece of the range hood to mark this project as 100% complete. At Prince & Sons, we do our best to build in buffers to deal with these all too common supply chain issues, but sometimes this can be next to impossible.

Unique Aspects of This Kitchen Renovation Project

We kept our in-house custom carpenter Isac busy on this project! We thought it would be fun to ask him a few questions about some of the unique elements of this amazing kitchen remodel. Below are a few of his comments that we think show just how much talent and effort he put into this project:

What are some of the areas of this renovation where you added some custom elements?

There were a lot of moving parts in this project. Certain items needed to be adjusted, but my main focus was on the two large custom pieces. The banquet seating and matching cherry column really help to set this kitchen apart. The seating area is a great example of designing something unique to fit in your space, and needs. I feel that we were able to successfully work with the homeowner and canvas to create an area that works for them. I can imagine the dinners and family gatherings that will take place there.

The column in the kitchen is not something you would necessarily like to have, but it was necessary in this situation. We turned what could be an obstructing eye sore into a great focal point that blends with the cabinetry, while still standing out to be admired.”

What were some of the challenges you ran into when building these custom elements?

“The challenges I dealt with while working on these pieces were mostly on the execution of the plan. The backrest on the seating area had a few unusual angles that I needed to focus on and cut precisely. I designed a small mock up to test the compound miters and ensure we would have the perfect fit. Thankfully, Patrick designed the seating extensively. With the help of Ben, we were able to carefully move the big assembly onto its new home and finalize what was a fun build.

On the column, the biggest challenge was ensuring when I glued the last panel, my miters would still be seamless. For example, when you are in the shop with all the tools and clamps you could possibly need, it’s easy for things to come out great. Once you’re out in the field, things change and you have to think on your feet. You learn to work with what you have on hand, and work around the environment you are in. In this case the column was 10 feet tall, standing vertically, and fully finished, there was NO room for error. The end result speaks for itself, a beautiful cherry column stained to match the cabinetry with a natural tung oil finish that enhances the wood. My favorite thing is it doesn’t cover the natural feel of the grain as you run your hand down the side.”

Check out this slideshow below that showcases some of the unique elements in this project (keep in mind we’re still waiting on a piece to finish the range hood and new appliances to arrive):

Interested in an Extravagant Kitchen Renovation of Your Own?

If you’re interested in learning more about what a similar project may look like for your home, feel free to reach out to experienced team of general contractors at Prince & Sons today. We have a detailed intake form located on our website that can get you started. You can also give us a call at 919-383-0888 and we’ll setup a time to discuss your needs.


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