Kitchen Renovation Costs That Can Bust Your Budget

When anyone starts a kitchen renovation project, their budget is one of the first things they think about. This is understandable, as kitchen renovation costs can grow substantially depending on the complexity of your project. At Prince & Sons, one of our primary jobs as local general contractors is to help our clients stay within their budget whenever possible. Issues come up from time to time that may cause a budget to shift, but in general, we want our clients to stay within budget when it comes to a new kitchen remodel.

Common Kitchen Renovation Choices That Can Impact Your Budget

In our experience renovating many kitchens in the Triangle area, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common ways a kitchen renovation budget can go up in smoke! Below are a few key things to watch out for to ensure your renovation project stays on budget:

  • Relocating Plumbing or Appliances – If you decide to relocate plumbing or appliances, know that this comes with a steep price tag. This complicates the plumbing and electrical required for your project, which impacts your budget. If you can keep your plumbing and appliances in the same place, you’ll save significantly on your kitchen renovation.
  • Opening up Walls – Open floor plans are popular in many kitchen renovations. While they can be stunning, they also often require structural changes that can add significant expense to your renovation project. When you remove walls, you may have to add additional structural supports to carry the extra load, requiring you to hire a structural engineer to sign off on any changes. This is in addition to the additional labor and materials needed to open up a wall of any kind.
  • Indecision – One of the fastest ways to bust a budget is to change your mind about critical areas of a kitchen renovation once materials have been ordered and work has started. Indecision is one of the quickest ways to cause you to go over your budget. We focus much of our initial consultation on understanding your kitchen renovation wants and needs thoroughly so we can hopefully avoid issues with indecision throughout the renovation process.

Interested in an Experienced Partner for Your Kitchen Renovation?

If you’re looking for a way to renovate your kitchen while keeping your budget in mind, feel free to reach out to our team at Prince & Sons today. We’re well versed in helping our clients stick to their budgets while creating new kitchen spaces that allow you to enjoy your home for many years. Feel free to fill out our online intake form to learn more about our kitchen renovation process. You can also call us at 919-383-0888 if you’d prefer to communicate by telephone. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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