How to Choose Whether you Need an Architect, Builder, Engineer or Interior Designer

At Prince & Sons, we work on many different types of home renovation projects. Some homeowners want simple renovations done, while others have elaborate ideas and unique projects that require the services of a completely different group of professionals.  One of the greatest hurdles that homeowners have to navigate is which professional to call first. This blog is meant to help homeowners determine who to call so they can be efficient with their money and time.

Questions to Consider Prior to Starting a Home Renovation Project

First, you need to consider the following questions prior to starting any type of home renovation project:

  1. Do I know exactly what I want or do I only have a general idea?
  2. How feasible is my project/ Is it even possible?
  3. How involved do I want to be in the project?
  4. Can I make decisions confidently and quickly?
  5. How flexible is my budget?
  6. Do I need engineering/structural assessment?

The answers to those questions will determine who you need to contact to start your project.

An Architect

We recommend an Architect if the homeowner has a very complex project that involves altering structural and aesthetic components of a house. Architects have the authority to override “standard building code” and can provide unique insight and solutions to complex challenges that require a creative and educated eye. An Architect’s services will come at a cost, but their expertise is often well worth the money. Not all projects require the services of an architect. If your project is simple, all you may need is a draftsman, interior designer, or engineer.

Interior Designer

An interior designer is a great resource for homeowners that have feasible projects but need assistance with spatial design or need help making material/style selections. No interior designer is the same, as some offer different services than others. Traditionally, interior designers work with homeowners to provide their builder with material specs, spatial layouts, and specific directions to achieve a particular finished look.  An interior designer should be able to provide you with a set of plans for a residential building permit and will allow you to remain fairly “Hands Off”.

Builder +/- Engineer

If you are the type of homeowner that can make decisions quickly and trust your design eye, you may not require the services of a designer to achieve your dream look. Instead, you may just need a licensed general contractor that can walk you through the process and if there are any structural concerns, an engineer can assess and spec anything that does not fall within the standard building code. This can be the most efficient way to execute a project if your builder has their own means to provide drawings in order to obtain a building permit. Involving a builder from the start will certainly help you determine feasibility and recommend the right design professional if needed.

Still Have Questions About Who to Call First About Your Home Renovation?

 If you have questions after reading our blog feel free to reach out to our today. We can help point you in the right direction based on your home renovation needs. We can be reached by phone at 919-383-0888 but filling out our online intake form will give us the necessary information we need to better advise you on how to go about starting the home remodel process.

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