How to Avoid Aggravation During a Home Renovation Project

Now that 2019 is well underway, you may be finally ready to tackle that home renovation project that you’ve put off for so long. With the housing market continuing to explode in the Triangle, more and more homeowners are opting to upgrade their existing spaces instead of purchasing something new. The increased demand has created a shortage in available qualified home renovation professionals.

At Prince & Sons, we’ve seen the market conditions change many times over our several decades in the construction business. We’ve always tried to complete our projects with the utmost professionalism, which is one of the reasons why we’re typically booked several months out for new renovation projects.

How to Reduce Stress During a Home Renovation Project

In our years in business, we’ve come up with a number of tips that will help to ensure your home renovation project goes as smoothly as possible. Keep these guidelines in mind when you’re looking to complete a home renovation project of any size.

  • Check a contractor’s credentials – Is a contractor telling you they’re a licensed general contractor? If so, ask to see paperwork that proves this to be correct. You can search for a valid general contractor’s license by going to the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors. Is the contractor insured? Again, ask for proof and if necessary, contact the contractor’s insurance agent to ensure the coverage hasn’t lapsed.


  • Go with your gut – It’s important to follow your gut when it comes to working with a home renovation contractor. How did you feel you were treated during the initial consultation? If you have any hint that your personality may not jive with the contractor, it’s best to sever ties before any contracts are signed and checks are exchanged.


  • Remember that budgets may need to be adjusted – While a reputable contractor will do their best to stick to a budget, it’s not always possible. If unforeseen issues pop up during a renovation project, there may be additional costs. At Prince & Sons, we have multiple fixture and cabinet options that can allow you to save money in certain areas if issues do come up.


  • Have a contract in writing – If a contractor is attempting to avoid drawing up a contract, it’s best to walk away as fast as you can. A written agreement protects you as well as the contractor, which is why all reputable companies will insist that a contract be drawn up and signed before work is completed.

Your General Contractor Should Be Your Problem Solver – Not the Other Way Around!

It’s important to remember that it’s your general contractor’s responsibility to identify and deal with problems that arise during the home renovation process, that’s their job. If you find yourself dealing with a company that is hesitant to take on that responsibility, it may be best to look elsewhere for an experienced contractor who will always put your needs first. If you’re interested in learning what it looks like to work with Prince & Sons on a home renovation project, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by phone at 919-383-0888 or through our online contact form. Feel free to browse our online portfolio to see some of the different types of projects we’ve completed over the past number of years.

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