Home Supply Shortage Making Home Renovations a Good Option

home renovations instead of selling house

At Prince & Sons, we, along with everyone in our community, are aware of the lack of supply of homes in the Triangle area. Because of this, many people are deciding to upgrade their current homes instead of waiting for the perfect one to pop up on the real estate market. Investing in a custom home renovation will offer a number of unique benefits rather than settling for a new home altogether.

Benefits of Choosing to Renovate Your Home as Opposed to Buying

  • Get Exactly What You Want – One of the greatest benefits of a large-scale home renovation is that you’re able to be a part of the construction process to ensure you get exactly what you want. This means that you can have your dream home and not have to settle for what’s on the market at any given time.
  • You Get to Keep the Home You Love – Many of us have a special affinity to our homes. We’ve created countless memories in our homes and moving somewhere else is hard for some to comprehend. If you love your home, your neighborhood and all the memories you’ve created, why not invest in a home renovation to update or add on? This way you can still love the house you’re in, but also have some of the modern conveniences that are available in newer, more updated homes.

Tips for Being Realistic When Tackling a Large Scale Home Renovation

Below are a few tips to keep in mind when deciding to renovate your home:

  • You May Need to Move Out for a Short Time – Depending on the size of the renovation, you may need to temporarily move out of your home. Large scale renovations require essential systems such as HVAC, water and electricity to be down for extended periods of time, which can make living in your home unrealistic.
  • You Need a Realistic Budget and Timeline – Homeowners need to work with a reputable general contractor who can provide a clear budget and timeline. Also, it’s important for homeowners to have a contingency plan in case unforeseen issues arise during the renovation.
  • Hire a Designer/Architect or Work Closely with Builder – Homeowners must either hire a designer/architect to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space or be able to make decisions in a confident and timely manner with the help and guidance from the builder.
  • Trust Your Builder and Enjoy the Process – A home renovation can be a wonderful experience, but there are challenges. Decisions and selections will have to be made by certain deadlines for example. It’s important to remember that this entire process is a team effort between you and your builder. At Prince & Sons, it’s always our goal to make the process as fun and exciting as possible. 

Interested in Discussing a Custom Home Renovation?

If you’re interested in a home renovation, but are not sure where to start, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Prince & Sons. We’ve helped countless homeowners in the Triangle area with large scale home renovations and would be happy to discuss your needs as well. Feel free to give our office a call at 919-383-0888 or fill out our interactive intake form where you can tell us a little bit more about your potential project!

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