Designing a Gourmet Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide for Food Enthusiasts

With restaurant prices continuing to climb, more and more Americans are cooking at home. While this can help to save money, it makes the functionality of your kitchen extremely important. At Prince & Sons, kitchen renovations are one of our most popular types of home renovation. Based on our experience, we have quite a few tips on designing a gourmet kitchen that will have you eating in more often and saying goodbye to expensive takeout and restaurants!

Tips for Designing a Gourmet Kitchen

Keep the following tips in mind to design a functional and elegant kitchen.

    1. Invest in High-End Appliances – Appliances are something you should consider when creating a high-end kitchen experience for your family and friends. High-quality appliances such as gas ranges, built-in refrigerators, and others give your kitchen a luxurious feel while being extremely practical. Many of these appliances offer strong warranties to ensure they will last you and your family for years.
    2. Functional Design – A kitchen can look aesthetically pleasing yet impractical. At Prince & Sons, our kitchen designs balance aesthetics with functionality. We meet with our clients before a project begins to discuss functionality which may include incorporating a kitchen island, reconfiguring cabinetry, and even relocating appliances and plumbing if necessary. Balancing budget with function is crucial when embarking on a kitchen renovation.
    3. Unique Features – When designing a new kitchen, you want to incorporate unique elements that will be useful for you and your guests. Think about the types of foods you like to cook and decide if any new design elements should be incorporated into your  renovation. Some unique design ideas could include:
      • Pizza oven 
      • Custom cabinetry 
      • Integrated paper towel storage 
      • Hidden outlets with USB charging functionality
      • Corner drawers
      • Microwave drawer
      • Kitchen pantry with pull out shelves
    4. Don’t Forget About Lighting – Good lighting is vitally important in any gourmet kitchen. You don’t want to strain your eyes when reading recipes, and you want sufficient lighting throughout your kitchen. Lighting is highly dependent on your floorplan, but our team can guide you in this area based on the many kitchen renovations we’ve completed through the years.

Ready to Finally Have That Gourmet Kitchen You’ve Always Dreamed Of?

If you’ve put off renovating your kitchen for too long, now is the time to contact the kitchen renovation experts at Prince & Sons. We’ve completed countless renovations in the Triangle area over the past decade and would be honored to work with you. If you’re interested in discussing your needs and budget, fill out our online intake form so we can get to know you better and understand your kitchen renovation needs. We can also be reached by phone at 919-383-0888.

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