Custom Kitchen Renovation Chapel Hill

The town of Chapel Hill has a vast number of wildly different architectural styles, which makes it a great place to work as a local general contractor. At Prince & Sons, we’ve helped several homeowners in Chapel Hill turn their kitchens into more functional and entertaining spaces to enjoy with family and friends. A custom kitchen renovation has many moving pieces, which is why it’s so essential to partner with a reputable and licensed general contractor with the know-how and the project management abilities to make the entire process go as smoothly as possible.

Tips for a Smooth Custom Kitchen Renovation in Chapel Hill

If you’ve decided on a custom kitchen renovation for your Chapel Hill home, here are a few tips to remember.

  1. Choose a General Contractor Wisely – One of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding a kitchen remodel happens before the project starts. You need to choose a general contractor wisely. You want a contractor who is appropriately licensed and who has completed custom kitchen remodels of all sizes. You don’t want to hire a brand-new company that may not have the experience necessary to oversee a large custom kitchen remodel.
  2. Design is Key – If you’re investing in a kitchen renovation, you want to make sure that the design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. At Prince & Sons, we have an in-house draftsman who can lay out your kitchen in 2D and/or 3D so you can see exactly what it will look like once the renovation is complete. This added visual element can help clients better imagine their new kitchen.
  3. Avoid Moving Appliances & Plumbing if Possible – One of the quickest ways to bust your budget is by moving appliances and plumbing lines. This requires much more plumbing and electrical work, which increases the overall time of the renovation project and increases the necessary budget. Sometimes, moving appliances and plumbing is unavoidable, but if you can keep a similar footprint, you’ll save significant money on your kitchen remodel costs.
  4. Look at Your Kitchen Renovation as a Long-term Investment – Any renovation, especially one where you’re reworking your kitchen, should be thought of as a long-term investment. Many homes in Chapel Hill have very choppy designs, and we’ve helped homeowners open up their kitchens and living spaces to create a much more useful floorplan for entertaining.

Reach Out to Prince & Sons For More Information About a Custom Kitchen Renovation for Your Home

We hope you’ll keep some of these tips regarding a custom kitchen renovation in and around Chapel Hill. If you’re interested in talking with one of our team members about your project, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We offer an online intake form where you can tell us about your project, or you can always give us a call at 919-383-0888.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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