Challenges of a Complex Durham Home Renovation

Any home renovation is no doubt complex. Couple that with a fiercely competitive real estate and labor market and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a Durham home renovation that could have you wanting to pull your hair out! That is unless you work with a reputable general contractor like Prince & Sons who has been through this process many times before. In our experience, we’ve found a number of challenges that seem to come up time and time again during home renovation projects of all sizes. If you know these challenges ahead of time you can hopefully avoid some of these pitfalls.

Common Challenges During a Durham Home Renovation

Before you embark on any type of home renovation, keep the following tips in mind to help the entire process go as smoothly as possible.

  • All Renovation Projects Are ComplexRegardless of the size of a project, the same progression of inspections is required. While it sometimes may seem like work should be happening faster or parts of the project should be completed before others, there is typically a strict order that tradesmen and contractors must coordinate across the entire project, which adds time. The nature of construction is to hurry up and wait, which creates a challenge on complex projects, especially when the weather can play a large factor in construction activities.
  • Permit DelaysBased on our experience with inspections and planning departments, building permit applications are taking longer to be reviewed and processed due to the increased volume of submittals. Because of this, the entire construction process from permitting to completion can take a longer time than in the past, including for simple renovations. This is largely because the demand for contractors and qualified professionals is greater than the supply.
  • Working With Older Homes Takes Time and Talent – With older home renovations, problems often aren’t unearthed until the walls are literally opened up which can pose a number of challenges. Any professional not able to handle these challenges can often create more problems than they fix during the course of a complex home renovation.
  • Key to Have a Strong Network of Subcontractors – One of the primary benefits of hiring a reputable general contractor is that they bring with them a team of qualified and vetted subcontractors. This helps to cut down on delays and mistakes that can happen if you as the homeowner are simply trying to find individuals who are willing or able to attempt to complete any aspect of your home renovation project.

Ready to Partner With Prince & Sons To Handle Your Complex Home Renovation in the Durham Area?

If you’re a Durham homeowner looking for assistance with a complex home renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Prince & Sons team today. We can be reached by phone at 919-383-0888 or you can fill out our quote request form on our website where you can provide details about your potential renovation project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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