Home Remodeling


Home Supply Shortage Making Home Renovations a Good Option

At Prince & Sons, we, along with everyone in our community, are aware of the lack of supply of homes in the Triangle area. Because of this, many people are deciding to upgrade their current homes instead of waiting for the perfect one to pop up on the real estate … Read More


5 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle When The Temperatures Begin to Drop

Now that the colder temperatures are here to stay for awhile, some of your outdoor home renovation projects may need to be put on the back burner. At Prince & Sons, we thought it would be a good idea to throw out a few indoor home improvement projects that you … Read More


The Prince & Sons Way – Why We Focus on Excellence in Every Job We Complete

At Prince & Sons, we’re constantly reminded of what an honor it is to serve our clients. Not only do we get to help our clients achieve their dreams of having a beautiful place to call home, we also get to do it while working alongside our own family. This … Read More


Challenges of a Complex Durham Home Renovation

Any home renovation is no doubt complex. Couple that with a fiercely competitive real estate and labor market and you’ll have the perfect recipe for a Durham home renovation that could have you wanting to pull your hair out! That is unless you work with a reputable general contractor like … Read More


Project Update: Downtown Durham Historic Home Renovation Completed

At Prince & Sons’ Construction and Cabinetry, we’re extremely excited to announce that we recently completed an amazing project in downtown Durham. This property was in the Glendale Avenue area of Durham, where historic renovations are happening all around us. At Prince & Sons, it’s always our mission to renovate … Read More