Better Visualize a Kitchen or Bath Remodel With CAD Drawings

If you’re thinking of investing in a kitchen renovation or bath remodel you will soon realize that there are quite a few selections and design decisions to be made. One thing that many homeowners have trouble with is visualizing what the final product will look like. General contractors often forget that homeowners may have a hard time envisioning what a kitchen or bath remodel will look like. At Prince & Sons, we try to ensure that our clients are always able to visualize what their new kitchen or bathroom will look like before the project has even started. In fact, we often use our in-house draftsman to generate CAD drawings to help further showcase the intricacies of a major home renovation.

What is CAD?

CAD is short for Computer Aided Design and simply involves the use of a variety of computer programs to generate a design that helps users to better visualize each phase of a project. CAD drawings are often used in the manufacturing world for product design but can also be used in residential construction and home renovations, even when architectural drawings are not required.

Advantages of CAD Drawings

 There are several reasons why CAD drawings are beneficial during a bathroom or kitchen renovation, a few of which include:

  • Layout Issues – When you begin a home renovation or construction project you may not foresee layout issues that are only noticeable at later stages of a project or after completion. The generation of CAD drawings requires upfront critical thinking about how the project will be executed, which in return exposes any potential discrepancies before they happen.
  • Easier to Communicate with Various Trades – If you have a set of agreed upon CAD drawings, you can ensure that all subcontractors are crystal clear about the intended design. This can help to cut down on assumptions and prevent expensive mistakes.
  • Builds Trust Between General Contractor and Homeowner –It’s one thing to take a local general contractor’s word that they’ll build exactly what you’re looking for, but being able to see a visual representation of the design builds trust and reassures the homeowner that the work will be completed to their liking.

Reach Out to Prince & Sons to Learn More About Our CAD Services

 At Prince & Sons, we’d be happy to discuss our CAD services in more detail and show you examples of some previous projects where they were used extensively. While we don’t prepare detailed CAD drawings for every home renovation project, we do try to integrate it into most. Give us a call at 919-383-0888 today to learn more about how CAD drawings can help streamline the entire home renovation process from start to finish.

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