Project Showcase – Durham Deck Replacement

If there is one thing we love doing at Prince & Sons, it’s making our clients feel safe in the comfort of their own homes. Each year, we have the unfortunate opportunity to witness news reports on unexpected backyard barbeques gone wrong. According to a recent news broadcast, since 2003, 6,500 people have been admitted to the Emergency room for treatment after a deck had collapsed, 29 of those injuries ended up being fatal. The average person has no idea how to identify whether a deck safe or not, which is why stories such as these are so heartbreaking. The unfortunate truth is that families don’t realize that their deck is a major hazard, until it’s too late. At Prince & Sons, we want to make sure that this never happens to you or your loved ones. Our project spotlight will highlight the beauty and safety of the latest deck replacement done by our team of skilled general contractors.

before and after of deck replacement

Before and After of Deck Replacement

Preventing ‘Timber’

When our clients first called us, they knew that it was time to replace their deck. The existing structure was 9 feet off the ground and was clearly unstable. It had gotten to the point where they had to be very cautious when they used this part of their home. Anytime they walked onto the deck there was substantial movement from the lack of bracing on the structure. The handrails had begun to separate at the corners, resulting in large gaps and a decrease in the overall strength. This created a false sense of security as the deck would become incredibly slippery after any amount of rainfall. When our team went to investigate the job, we knew something had to be done and quickly.

Panoramic Deck View

Panoramic View of Deck

Job Progression and Site Parameters

Our clients had specific requests that they wanted us to meet, requests that would be difficult to fulfill without careful planning in the design phase. This is why we used CAD software to digitally reconstruct this deck and to create a new design. Before we ever broke ground on the project, our clients knew exactly what the final product was going to look like. Prince & Sons is a professional general contractor in the triangle area and we go the extra mile to ensure safety and client satisfaction in all of our work. CAD software ensures our clients’ satisfaction by giving them the opportunity to view the layout and design as well as helping uncovering any issues that may arise during the construction phase. Using these programs will also give an accurate idea on material costs which in return informs the client on how much money they should expect to spend. As a premier general contractor in Durham, NC, we were careful to ensure this deck was built to code and abided to the 24 foot setback from the property line. All the while, we were able to preserve the existing Japanese maple that the clients valued deeply.

deck cad design

CAD Design of New Deck Installation

Our clients are so excited to show off their new deck and with grandchildren on the way and the holidays just around the corner, we are so thankful to be giving them a beautiful, safe and sturdy deck to relax on this season.

If you have any concerns about the integrity of your deck or if you would like to learn more about our deck replacement options, call Prince & Sons today! Located in Durham, NC, we are just a phone call away. Call us at 919-383-0888.