Mistakes to Avoid when Performing a Home Renovation in Durham, NC

It’s safe to say that quite a few homeowners dream of remodeling their home, thinking they could turn their otherwise humble abode into something much better. They would be right. A well-thought-of home renovation in Durham, NC is definitely something worth working for, as it offers perks for both livability and resale value.

Common Remodeling Mistakes

Still, not a lot of homeowners can see themselves on the positive end of a remodel. As an article on Better Homes and Gardens states, a full-blown home renovation project harbors a lot of potential pitfalls that can spell the difference between a good and a bad investment. Most of the time, such homeowners either knowingly or unknowingly commit awful missteps that break their hearts and their pockets. Here are some of the most common:

Rushing into the project– A home renovation project is exciting, no doubt about that. Such excitement, however, can sometimes lead an unsuspecting homeowner into rushing things—underestimating the time, costs, difficulties, and potential setbacks that come with even the most meager of projects. Some people are too quick to select the items they dream of having, ignoring the existing state of the situation and what they must do to properly work around it.

Sufficient preparation requires long hours of tedious work, which oftentimes go unnoticed. By spending hours doing preparatory work, one can come up with a detailed plan that’ll help keep the expenses in check and complete the tasks on schedule. Aside from this, initial arrangements also help keep expectations on the realistic side.

Ignoring permits– Technically a part of the pre-project planning stages, securing permits should be one of the topmost priorities. Even the simplest renovation projects may require a permit; failing to secure one can obviously cause a legal and even financial hassle.

Going cheap– In the home renovation field, the phrase “What you pay is what you get.” more often than not rings true. Experts recommend never cutting corners and always going the extra mile in order to avoid costly problems in the future. For instance: going for knockoff cabinets instead of sturdier kitchen cabinets from Durham, NC contractors like Prince & Sons, Inc. just because it’s cheaper is an uninformed decision —the inexpensive ones are more likely to buckle down in a shorter time because of the sub-par materials used in them.

Wrong measurements– Probably the most glaring of mistakes when done, wrong measurements ensure that certain fixtures and installations won’t fit and work together properly. Even the slightest misstep in making measurements can drive up the project’s price tag, so it would be best to remember the old adage “Measure twice, cut once.”

(Source: 7 Common Remodeling Mistakes, Better Homes and Gardens)