Home Improvement FAQ – Tips for a Well Equipped Toolbox

Your wife needs a picture hung.  Your son needs his bike tire fixed.  Your mom wants to install a ceiling fan in her bedroom.  You have all the tools to handle these easy tasks, right?  If you’re like most Americans the answer may be, no.

While years ago having a well equipped toolbox was almost a necessity, today homeowners don’t seem to be as prepared to handle basic home improvement tasks around the house with the proper tools.  In this home improvement FAQ we’ll outline some of the necessities that should go into a well equipped toolbox, according to the general contractors at Prince & Sons, Inc.

Before You Purchase Tools

Sure, you could go out to Wal-Mart or some other box retailer and spend $30-$40 and buy a 110 piece, tool set.  The problem with this approach is that you’ll be buying tools that likely won’t last very long at all.  It’s best when building out your toolbox to to invest in high quality tools.  Even though this approach may take a bit longer to amass a large collection, you’ll be happy when you’re using these same tools for many years.

Home Improvement FAQ – Components of a Well Equipped Toolbox


Home Improvement FAQ - hammer

A small, high quality hammer is an incredibly versatile tool that can be used around the house.  A hammer can handle all types of jobs from driving nails into wood to doing small demolition jobs.  When searching for the perfect all-purpose hammer we would suggest that you go with a classic 16 ounce hammer.

Phillips Screwdriver

phillips screwdriver

The Phillips head screw, actually invented by Henry F. Phillips has replaced the flathead screw in many home improvement projects.  With its cross-shaped pattern, the flathead screw allows a user to apply much more torque compared to a traditional flathead screwdriver.

Flathead Screwdriver

flathead screwdriver

While the phillips screw may have become more popular in many home improvement tasks, a flathead screwdriver is still equally necessary in your toolbox.

Measuring Tape

measuring tape

A tape measurer is a necessity in any toolbox.  You never know when you’ll need to measure the size of the entertainment center or determine whether you can fit that shiny new sectional into your den.  A dependable 25′ retractable measuring tape should be enough to handle most jobs for the everyday homeowner.

Crescent or Adjustable Wrench

adjustable wrench

The adjustable wrench is one of those tools that gets nearly constant use in a home.  With an adjustable wrench you can perform the tasks of multiple wrenches without having to fork out the money for a variety of different sized tools.

Needle Nose Pliers

needle nose pliers

Anytime that you need to strip or cut wire you’ll be thankful that you have a set of needle nose pliers in your toolbox.  Because they’re so small and compact they’re also great for getting into small cavities.

Cordless Drill with Bits

cordless drill

A high quality cordless drill is another great tool that can find a variety of uses in different home renovation projects.  You can use a cordless drill to drive screws, drill holes in sheetrock and save your arm from fatique seen when you’re twisting a screwdriver around and around.  While you’ll want a drill with a fair amount of power, you want to keep in mind that more power also equals more weight.

Utility Knife

utility knife

While maybe not the most exciting of tools, the utility knife should be a staple in any toolbox.  With each home improvement project having countless things that need to be scraped and cut, a utility knife will always come in handy.

Have any questions about our Home Improvement FAQ?  Feel free to shoot us an email if you think we’ve missed any tools that are must haves in your toolbox!