Hail Damage – How to Spot Damage to Your Home

With the most recent round of severe weather that we saw in the Triangle, many homeowners are wondering if their home experienced any hail damage. At Prince & Sons, we thought it would be a good idea to walk through how to identify hail damage and what to do in the event that your home has been damaged by hail.

The National Weather Service indicates that hail can travel at speeds of up to 120mph before the pellets hit homes, cars, people and other structures. Hail storms cause roughly $1 billion in damages to property and crops each year, according to the NWS.

How to Identify Hail Damage After a Storm

Below are some basic guidelines for identifying hail damage after a storm:

  • Look for cracks, breaks or dents on screens, windows, doors and patio furniture.
  • Check trees and shrubs on your property. If foliage has been stripped, there’s a possibility that you could have roof damage.
  • Examine exterior air conditioning units to look for any dents or significant water intake.
  • Be careful when checking for roof damage. Think about using binoculars or calling a general contractor or roofing professional for further inspection.
  • Carefully inspect any vehicles for broken glass or damage resulting from hail.

Don’t Delay if You Notice Any Damage

If you find any hail damage, it’s important to take swift action.  Photograph any areas of damage before making any repairs. Also, if possible, cover any areas that were damaged to help prevent additional issues from severe weather. For example, you may want to board up broken windows or place a tarp over a damaged roof.

Regardless of the amount of hail damage, contact your insurance company immediately. You may also check with family and friends to assist in finding a reputable contractor to perform the necessary repairs.

Contact Prince & Sons for More Information

If you have questions about damage to your home from recent severe weather, don’t hesitate to contact the licensed general contractors at Prince & Sons, Inc. today.  Give us a call today at 919-383-0888 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll follow up shortly.