Durham Home Renovation: Convert Your Garage into Living Space

If you’re looking for additional living space, a Durham home renovation project that converts your garage into additional living space may be just what you need.

When converting a room that was previously used to store cars and tools, you must keep certain things in mind.

Durham Home Renovation Tips for Garage Conversions

1. Contact a licensed general contractor

You may not realize it, but converting your garage or carport into living space requires permitting to ensure that your structure is built to code and that modern building practices are being utilized. A licensed general contractor can help you navigate this often difficult process, as coordination and scheduling of multiple tradesmen can be tedious and confusing, especially if you’re trying to maintain the same day to day lifestyle.

durham home renovation - carport addition

Carport addition where we enclosed a storage area to create a laundry room and storage space.

2. Install proper insulation

You’ve likely noticed that your garage is extremely hot in the summer, and cold in the winter.  This is because your garage does not require the same amount of insulation as the rest of your home, as it is typically not a conditioned space. Adding proper insulation will be required if you decide to remodel, but adding conditioned square footage to your home’s footprint is a great way to increase its equity.

3. Install HVAC system

In addition to insulating your new space, you will also need to ensure your existing HVAC system is able to handle the extra volume, if not, you will need to upgrade the existing system, or consider installing a zone unit (similar to those in hotel rooms). Zone units will allow you to control the temperature of a specific room and is commonly the most cost effective option, as it requires no ductwork to be run throughout the space.

garage conversion air conditioning unit

Type of air conditioning unit frequently used in carport or garage conversions.

4. Install plumbing?

Depending on your home renovation needs and the size of your budget, you may consider installing plumbing to your new living space. Be aware, running new drain and supply lines can dramatically increase the overall price tag, however, an additional bathroom will also increase the value of your home.

5. Fix the floor level

Most garage floors are built lower than the interior finished floor level. For this reason, you may want to raise your new floor to a level that is even with the rest of your house. In addition, most garage floors are concrete slabs, allowing the potential for moisture issues, as concrete is porous. General contractors will help determine if you are required to install a vapor barrier between the concrete and new flooring system.

Are you thinking about converting your garage into a living room, office or playroom for the kids?

If so, the general contractors at Prince & Sons, Inc. would be happy to offer a consultation to discuss your Durham home renovation needs. We’ve completed several of these projects in the Triangle area, and have a variety of ideas to turn your garage into a wonderful living space that the whole family can enjoy.