Don’t Overlook the Warning Signs of Costly Home Deterioration from Water Leaks

We are all familiar with the phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” The one instance you most certainly do not want to turn a blind eye to is the physical condition of your home. For the average person, a house is one of the largest investments he or she will make in their lifetime and if it is maintained properly, a house should keep its value. This is why it’s essential for homeowners to take the proper steps to prevent extensive home deterioration from water intrusion and to know when it’s time to call a professional general contractor.

Common Indicators of Home Deterioration from Water Damage

Some of the warning signs of water intrusion may be more obvious than others to identify, but knowing what to look for could save homeowners thousands of dollars in the long run.

  • Peeling Paint
  • Softened/Delaminated Material
  • Rusty Nails/Nail pops
  • Woodpecker/Insect Holes
  • Musty smell
  • Water Stains/Discolored Finishes
  • Uncommonly High Water Bills

Consequences of Turning a Blind Eye

Water intrusion is not an issue that will go away with time, or fix itself. If the clues your home is giving go unattended for an extensive period of time you could be left with some of the following costly repairs:

  • Replacement of Rotten Framing Members
  • Deteriorated subflooring
  • Mildew or Mold Growth, which could lead to health issues
  • Replacement of Windows & Doors
  • Extensive Sheetrock Work & Painting
  • Replacement of Cabinetry & Countertops

Below are a few pictures from a recent home renovation project where we unearthed a large amount of water damage in a beach house down at Bald Head Island.

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Ways to Prevent Costly Water Damage

Fortunately, there are some preventative steps the homeowner can take to keep any unwanted surprises at bay. Some of these steps are as follows:

  • Keep tall/fast growing landscaping away from the house
  • Keep gutters and downspouts clear of debris
  • Periodically, do a quick walk-around inspection of your house
  • Look under your sinks and check plumbing for leaks
  • Pressure Wash & Paint your house every 5-7 Years
  • Hire a General Contractor or certified Home Inspector annually for an expert’s opinion

Prince & Sons is Here to Help

The plain truth is that homeowners are at the mercy of the builder or previous owner’s DIY decisions. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable to encounter issues such as these. If you think your home may be in need of extensive home repairs or if you do decide to remodel or build, call the General Contractors at Prince & Sons, Inc. Our office phone number is (919) 383-0888 or you can reach out to us through our online contact form. The best decision you can make is to hire a qualified General Contractor that uses modern day building practices and top quality materials to get the job done.