Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners Living at the Coast

As most everyone is aware, the job of home maintenance is ongoing, especially when you’re talking about homes along the coast.  While this area is incredibly beautiful, thanks to the gentle breezes, endless sunshine and salt air, these same characteristics can cause significant wear and tear on your beautiful beach house.  At Prince & Sons this is now our second consecutive year where we’ve gone to the coast during the off season to perform a variety of home renovation projects.  We thought it would be a good idea to offer some home maintenance tips for those coastal homeowners who may not know where to start when updating their home.

Home Maintenance Tips for Coastal Homeowners

As licensed general contractors in both North Carolina and South Carolina we’ve had our fair share of experience working at the beach.  Keep the following home maintenance tips in mind to ensure your beach house stays in tip top shape year round.

Home Maintenance Tips - Old AC Unit

Regularly Check Your HVAC Unit

With significantly more salt in the air, it’s important to regularly have your HVAC system serviced while also to ensuring that your air filters are replaced monthly.

Contractor Sealing Window

Check Seals in Windows and Doors

Prior to hurricane season it’s important to check all of your windows and doors to ensure that they’re properly sealed.  It’s a good idea to check any weatherstripping at this time as well. Penetrating water can result in deterioration of window sashes, blinds, flooring and even framing systems. Taking these small, inexpensive measures now can prevent costly repairs in the future.

Homeowner Wiping down counters

Wipe Down all Surfaces

With significantly more salt in the air it’s important to periodically wipe down all surfaces including doors and windows. While it may seem logical to leave windows and doors open to avoid the expenses of running your A/C, the salt air can in fact result in deterioration of appliances and interior finishes if proper cleaning methods are not practiced.

Pressure washing home maintenance tips

Pressure Wash Your Home

Because many beach houses are not protected by tall trees and shade, they can begin to look weathered fairly quickly. Pressure washing is an easy way to remove salt and dirt while also removing any mildew growth.

Importance of Deck Sealing

Keep Your Deck Sealed

Another task that should be on your list of annual home maintenance tips is sealing your deck.  Salt air and the prolonged exposure to the hot, summer sun is brutal on any deck and therefore it’s best to go ahead and plan to reseal it each year.

Contractor Fixing Rotten Wood

Inspect the Exterior of Your Home

It’s best to periodically inspect the exterior of your home to look for damaged siding, missing shingles and anything else that may need the attention of a licensed general contractor.  Catching these issues early can save you significant money down the road.

Need a Little Help With Larger Scaled Projects?

While we are not a maintenance company, we hope these tips help prolong the life of your beach house. If you ever plan to remodel or expand your coastal home, at Prince & Sons, Inc. we’re licensed general contractors in both NC & SC.  In fact we’re working on multiple home renovation projects on Bald Head Island right now.  We have years of experience working with coastal homeowners to keep their homes in tip-top shape.

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