Hillsborough Home Renovation

Hillsborough Home Renovation

Between the small town feel of Churton Street to the historic homes that surround this quaint town, droves of people are choosing to move to Hillsborough. Many of these homeowners are purchasing homes that are aging and may not have been taken care of properly over the years. At Prince & Sons, Inc. we’re licensed general contractors with experience performing historic renovations of homes in the Durham, Raleigh, Hillsborough and surrounding areas.

Historic Home Renovation in Hillsborough

When you’re looking to perform a historic home renovation you have to be extremely careful in how you manage the entire project. Many small towns like Hillsborough have preservation committees that outline many of the small details that will go into your renovation. For instance you may not be allowed to install certain windows or certain types of exterior siding. It’s important to partner with a home renovation company that has experience with historic homes to ensure that your project will not be met with opposition from your new community.

Before Shot of Historic Home Renovation

After Shot of Historic Home Renovation

Prince & Sons has worked with old homes that were on the verge of being demolished and transformed them into a bright spot in the neighborhood. Prince & Sons has deep ties to the local community and takes great pride in revitalizing homes throughout the Triangle.

Give Your Hillsborough Kitchen New Life

If you own an older home in Hillsborough you likely have a closed in kitchen that makes it hard to entertain and converse with guests when preparing meals. One way to solve this problem is to hire a general contractor to open up your kitchen area to create a more open floor plan in your home. You’ll enjoy being able to not only prepare delicious meals for your guests, but also to participate in conversing while you’re cooking. Being a cook in a small, cramped kitchen can be a lonely job. Partner with Prince & Sons to renovate your kitchen so that you can begin to enjoy it again.

Full Kitchen Remodel

Older homes also typically have dated and sometimes damaged cabinets that can be difficult to salvage. Sometimes it’s better to invest in solid wood kitchen cabinets to replace old cabinetry, especially in historic home renovations. Prince & Sons, Inc. works with a variety of high end cabinet manufacturers to provide a wide range of cabinet solutions for our clients. Regardless of your budget we can find a set of quality kitchen cabinets that will meet your needs for years to come.

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Whatever Hillsborough home renovation project that you keep putting off, why not hire a local general contractor to take care of it for you? Leave the sweat and stress to the pros at Prince & Sons, Inc. and be wowed by the results!

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