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Somerset Kitchen

IMG_2242Open concept living spaces are becoming more and more popular for a variety of functional and aesthetic reasons, some of which you may have never considered. As Americans, we are spending more time indoors than ever and many homes are not designed to reflect that change in the American lifestyle. This results in an isolated feeling from the people in your home as well as a disconnection from nature. This typically correlates to a person’s overall mental well-being and happiness. Once you consider this concept, it may become clear why so many people, consciously or subconsciously, love open living spaces.

This particular client wanted to create a more inviting kitchen and dining area by adding an island with a granite countertop and seating, as well as removing the wall which divided the two rooms. In this case, the wall was load bearing and required the installation of an LVL beam to properly distribute the load. The scope of work also included expansion of the laundry room, which required the framing of a flooring system in an adjacent exterior storage room making it accessible through the kitchen area. Our client selected a white oak, prefinished hardwood floor as well as an elegant wainscoting on the lower portion of the walls to incorporate these spaces.