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Project Update: Bald Head Home Renovation

At Prince & Sons, Inc. we’ve been hard at work, both in Durham running a number of jobs as well as in Bald Head Island, working on home renovations of two beach houses.  Due to logistics issues (mainly that there are no vehicles permitted on the island) we’ve had to work diligently to get underway on this Bald Head home renovation project.

As NC general contractors we’re often brought onto a job to handle a variety of different issues and this Bald Head Island home renovation job is proving to be no different.  In this blog we wanted to show several before shots of the different projects to give a sense of where we’re starting.  We hope that once we’re finished you won’t even recognize these before pictures.

We’re doing a variety of different home remodeling tasks at each house, which we’ve outlined in more detail below.

Renovations to House One

  • Granite countertops with bar top extension
  • Under cabinet light swap out
  • Plumbing fixture upgrades
  • Mosaic tile backsplash installation
  • Sheetrock repairs
  • New appliances
  • Level 5 paint job throughout the house (more on this later)
  • Painting bar stools to match dining set furniture
Before Shot of House One

Before Shot of House One

Renovations to House Two

  • Installation of Granite countertops
  • Mosaic tile backsplash install
  • Under cabinet lighting swap out
  • Plumbing fixture upgrades
  • Sheetrock repairs
  • New appliances
  • Level 5 paint job throughout
  • Replacement of window sashes in select locations
Before Shot of House Two

Before Shot of House Two

What is a Level 5 Paint Job?

In both of these beach house renovations we’re completing what we call in the industry, a level 5 paint job.  If you’re not a general contractor or painting contractor you likely have no clue what this terminology actually means.  A level 5 is considered the best possible job in terms of quality on a 1-5 scale.  A level 1 job would simply be slapping up paint without fixing any imperfections in the sheetrock or filling any holes, while a level 5 consists of sharp lines along trim and corners, especially where there are color changes.  A level 5 paint job also has no drips or runs in the paint and all of the sheetrock is properly prepped beforehand so that when light hits a wall at any given time of the day, it looks like a slick canvas.

As you can see, a level 5 paint job is much more than just throwing a bit of paint on the wall and calling it a day.  This level of expertise is what you get when you hire a reputable and honest North Carolina general contractor like Prince & Sons, Inc.

Reach Out to Prince & Sons Today

We’ll be posting updates showing our progress down in Bald Head over the next few weeks, but as always we’re ready and willing to handle all of your home remodeling needs.

For more information on our home renovation services, feel free to give us a call today at 919-383-0888.

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